Cove Base

Cove BaseIf you have never heard of cove base, its because it is doing its job. It is designed to blend in with the carpet installed, it is used to protect the walls from scuffs in most commercial settings. It can be made of many different materials, but if you find yourself in need of some made of carpet, let First Class Green Cleaning produce some for you.

Cove Base – What is it?

Carpet cove base is a baseboard that is in many commercial installations, including office buildings and hotels. While cove base is often designed to match the installed carpet, it can be made of a different color to accent a chosen design theme. It doesn’t dent or show scuff marks. If there are any previous scuff marks on the wall, cove base can be made tall enough to hide these imperfections. When made to match the installed carpet, rooms appear larger. By taking most of the damage from shoe scuffs that would otherwise leave unsightly marks on a bare wall, maintenance and cleaning is easier to perform.

Cove Base – How its made

If you were interested in this service, chances are you are going through an installer or you are an installer. We start with the client choosing the type of carpet to be cut. The size will be based on how much length and the height required. We get the carpet into our facility as a large roll. This roll will be cut into strips. These strips will be fed into a binding machine. The finished product will be rolled into large circles and packaged. Once packaged, it is ready for the installer to come and pick up. The installer will either apply it to the wall with glue or with a staple gun.

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