Custom Rug Border

Custom Rug BorderWhen you have a custom area rug built, you can choose to simply have the edges bound or serged. But if you want the rug to look really good, you should think about having a rug border or wrap applied. A rug border will add a depth to the piece that simple edging cannot accomplish. In the case of some carpet styles, we can even give your rug a border with a negative edge for a very modern looking floor covering.

Custom Rug Border – Simple Design2014-03-29 12.01.55

Rugs such as the one pictured are made quite simply. Using the same or similar style carpet of a different color, we seam a border on. Using a backing to secure it for use and functionality you will have a rug built for your specific need and color scheme.

Custom Rug Border – Fabric Wrap

Custom Rug BorderWith a rug border or rug wrap we take a material and sew it onto the edge. This can have a large variety. You can choose how much material you want to show on the top. You can choose from a plethora of fabric colors, use leather, even cork can be made into a border.  Now you can take a regular piece of carpet and turn it from plain and boring to something fashionable by adding a different color border, or wrapping a fabric or leather around the edge.

Custom Rug Border – Negative Edge

This style choice can give you a beautiful rug without the need to have any edge applied. This is best used with highly designed or patterned rug. This is due to the fact that you will now be able to see the beauty of the carpet uninterrupted as it lays on your floor.Custom Rug Border

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