Custom Rug Fabrication

Custom Rug FabricationDo you have any spare carpet in need of binding or serging to keep the edges from fraying? Would you like a rug made for an event with your business logo in it? Are you sick of the tassels or fringe on your handmade rug or would you like some added to an existing piece? Are in interested in adding a little design to a custom rug by adding a leather border or would you like to hide the edge all together? Do you find a rug slips too much and could use a rubber backing to keep it from sliding? Does your commercial building need some carpet cove base? If so, you have found the right folks. Our Custom Rug Fabrication Department can take care of all this and more, just see the links below!

Custom Rug Fabrication

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Hey, you made it all the way to the bottom! Congratulations! As a prize, you win the opportunity to learn how you go about getting started with a custom rug.

Custom Rug Fabrication – Design

This part is completely up to you. If you have an idea of what you want, we can walk you through how it will be built and how much material you will need to order. If you want it built for you, we can refer you to any number of designers we highly recommend or you can have your designer contact us to go through the process.

Custom Rug Fabrication – Picking It Out

If you chose to be your own designer, we will tell you how much product to order for each color you need. We will send you a list of wholesalers who can help you pick out good quality carpets. Once the pieces are chosen, you can have them ship the product to our facility. We will put it together at your exact specifications. Once completed, we will come and lay out your brand new area rug.