Custom Rugs

Custom RugsThe term ‘Custom Rugs’ can cover a large amount of styles or types of rugs manufacture. Lets take a look below of some examples of what can be considered custom rugs.

Custom Rugs – Logo & Event Rugs

Logo Rugs – The process where one type of colored carpet is “cut in and glued” into a base colored background carpet to create a custom design. This can be a simple geometric design or as complex as company logos for an event rug. Our highly trained technicians can seamlessly mix several different colors and patterns to create the final look you are going for in the finished event rug. Our event rugs create custom carpet inlays with your logo for trade shows and other special events, or your office building and corporate lobbies. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Custom Rugs – Stairways and Runners

Sometimes finding the perfect area rug can be difficult, if not impossible, because of size or shape or your decor. First Class Green Cleaning can help design a custom area rug for your room or stairway. We can just about customize any rug in any shape, size, texture, color, etc. to perfectly match your design & decor. We’re also skilled at creating custom floor runners to match your design theme. If you have been told it cannot be done, you have not asked us yet.

Custom Rugs – Using What’s Left

If you have had carpet installed in your home, you know that there is generally some pieces left over. Depending on the floor layout, this can sometimes be a considerable amount. Don’t let that good carpet go to waste! We can build you a custom rug with it. You can have some runners made to help protect the high traffic areas. You can have some smaller pieces made to lay in your kitchen by the sink. If you have an area that needs a little extra cushion and some left over carpet, we can help you use it!


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