Fringe Removal Fringe Application

Does your rug have fringe? Do you want fringe on your custom area rug? With our Fringe Removal Fringe Application service we can help you in both areas.

Fringe Removal Fringe Application – Removal

Fringe Removal Fringe ApplicationIs the fringe on your rug a blight on an otherwise gorgeous rug? Are looking to have it removed because it is unsightly or damaged? Maybe there is nothing wrong with the fringe. Maybe you just don’t like the look the fringe gives your rug. Whatever your reasoning, our fringe removal fringe application specialist can help you out by safely taking it off it. The keyword being, ‘safely’. Handmade rugs are specially tied to hold the rug together. If you think removing fringe is as simple as just cutting it off, you would be mistaken. Doing something like this at home will cause the rug to begin to unravel into a mess off yarn that can cost a lot of time and money to fix. Make sure you hire someone who knows how to handle this before you regret it.
If you understand how a handmade rug is made, this next part should be obvious. We do warn that you be wary when having this done to a hand made piece as it will completely devalue the rug. Cutting into the hand created knots can do that.

Fringe Removal Fringe Application – ApplicationFringe Removal Fringe Application

Fringe or tassels can add a level of beauty and design to an area rug. When building a custom rug from scratch, it is important to think about what look you are going for. In some cases, fringe or tassels are needed to complete the look. Our fringe removal fringe application technician can add fringe to custom build carpets or even some handmade carpets without harming the value of the piece.


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