Rug Backing


Custom Rug BackingRug Backing can serve a variety of purposes. Some rug backing is designed to prevent the custom rug from slipping or moving. Some are made of a soft fabric that protect the floor underneath from abrasion damage. Sometimes custom rug backing is applied to give the custom rug stability and strength. Whatever your need or reason, our Rug Backing professionals use only the highest quality adhesives that will last and are safe to use for your custom rug.

Non Skid Backing
Non skid backing is useful in a few applications. First it is fantastic at preventing the rug from sliding as you step on it. The rubber back will grip the flooring under the rug making an accidental slide much more difficult. The second use is to add a bit of stability to a weaker carpet. Many custom logo rugs have inherent weaknesses. Adding a non skid backing can help bridge and strengthen these so that they will be of no concern in the rugs regular use.

Soft Backing
Soft Backing is a type of cloth backing that can be applied to the back of a custom built area rug. The primary purpose when using a soft back is to protect the floor under the rug from any damage that can occur from the rough back of the rug. Natural stone can be scratched, wood can be damaged and cork is just plain soft. If you have any of these floors, it is wise to think about a soft backing on any custom rug you have built.
Custom Rug BackingCustom Rug Backing









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