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Angie’s review from one of our clients  we did on 02/18/2016

Review Date: February 19, 2016

Mr. Bradshaw

85032 Carpet Cleaning
Services Performed:
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February 17, 2016
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cleaned approximately 800 sq.ft. of berber carpet in my mostly empty new home
Member Comments:
Let me preface my review with 2 things : 1 – I normally don’t take the time to review companies 2 – I manage corporate/industrial properties for a living. First Class Green Cleaning did a fantastic job at my house so I feel that a positive review is deserving of their work and professionalism. Communication was fantastic (initial service?setup over the phone was great, reminder phone call, and effective email communication was stellar). The day prior to them starting I realized I had a meeting that I could not miss. My time frame of start was 11AM – 2PM. I needed about 20 minutes after start time to handle a phone call. I emailed them the day prior to let them know and when they called me around 11:30AM they mentioned that they were waiting to call me in order to not disturb me during my meeting. Adaptability in small businesses is virtually unheard of these days. Far too many times I have communicated changes to vendors where they simply do not get the message and can’t adjust schedules to meet customer needs. Hat tip to First Class here. In reference to the carpet cleaning itself. My carpet was only 1 year old but had traffic wear up the stairs and near a bathroom from tenants. Nothing too hard. They did a great job and the carpet looks brand new. It took them about 2 hours to complete 800 sq.ft.?The key points here that I feel differentiate this company  Professionalism – Corey Thompson the owner did the work (with another tech)?and was more than cordial and communicative Quality – they set up barriers around corners of my walls as to not scuff them, their truck was clean and organized (yes, I looked), and their equipment was also clean. A cleaning company can not run a shabby kit. It is telling as to how the business is run. In addition to this, when they parked their van in front of my house they put out safety cones as well as a sign saying who they were (1 – this is important for HOA’s 2 – he will drum up business from this…smart man) Green Cleaning – there was no smell at all after they left and off gassing of chemicals is something more American’s need to be aware of. My entire home is either ZERO VOC or LOW VOC from the builder. I am sensitive to that and wanted to maintain that. I will definitely reach out to them again for carpet cleaning and textile cleaning needs. I am a particular and generally fussy consumer due to the type of work I do professionally. Bravo First Class Green Cleaning.

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