Carpet Stain Removal

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Carpet stain removal and regular spot treatments are an important part of a good maintenance program. Doing so along with regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning by a certified professional will help you protect the indoor air environment while also improving the amount of time you can enjoy a fresh looking carpet.

How to treat a spot

Whether your pets have had an accident, or your kids dropped their food, or your husband spilled his drink, when it happens on carpeting, your first step should be to make an effort to absorb as much of the mess as possible. This can be done with paper towels or clean, white, bleach free terry cloth. It is important that this be done quickly to prevent moisture from penetrating through the protective coating of the fiber and seeping in the padding underneath the carpeting.

Store Bought Cleaners

Your next impulse may be to try to clean the mess up on your own with store-bought cleaners. Many of these, however, are largely ineffective at removing stains and neutralizing odors. Most of the time, these products will do more harm than good. Some are particularly effective, at removing the stain guard and/or color from your carpet. Others that are less toxic will simply set a stain that could have been easily removed by a professional product.

Call the Pros

Through carpet stain removal service, we can easily remove most Spills, drops, or pet urine stains from your home’s carpet. We utilize a proven method that does not cover up or mask odors. Instead, it penetrates deep into the carpet and pad to neutralize the bacteria that cause the stains and odors. Nobody wants their home to smell of pet urine or for their carpet to be blotched with stains.

You can avoid having such issues in your home by putting our carpet stain removal service to use. Schedule an appointment for the service you need today.

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