Carpet Cleaning

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“The very best carpet cleaning I have EVER experienced. ‘First Class’ says it all”
-Beverly in Peoria

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Arizona Carpet Cleaning is not a simple proposition. Any cleaner or company that tells you this is either ignorant, under trained or simply does not care about quality. While making a carpet appear clean is generally easier to accomplish in the Valley of the Sun, we look to go further than that. At First Class Green Cleaning, we look to maintain your carpets’ beauty as well as the health of your living space.

Healthy Carpets?

Removing dirt and soil from your carpets will bring a certain level of ‘clean’ to your home. The question you should be asking is, “At what cost?”. You see, many companies out there use harsh cleaning chemicals to attain the appearance of clean. Some companies you may be familiar with use harsh preconditioning products, yet claim to be ‘green’ because they rinse with no chemicals. Fortunately, you have found First Class Green Cleaning, and we use Green Seal Certified cleaning products that are soap free and residue free.

What’s different in Arizona?

Arizona can provide a host of difficulties when it comes to keeping your carpets looking great. First, we live in a desert. Deserts’ tend to have a ton of dust. This dust, if left unchecked can scratch and tear your carpet to shreds. Another problem we see is oil. Again with the desert theme, it never rains here. Our blacktops are very oily. This oil sticks to your shoes and follows you into the house. Unless you have a habit of removing your shoes, the first 10 steps you take are tragic for your carpets appearance. Mix these two Arizona factors with the use, abuse and damage all carpets see, and you need to know a good cleaner to help your soft flooring looking like new and under warranty.


Yes, most new carpets have a lifetime warranty. They also have a slew of rules that you need to follow to keep them. Heaven forbid you ever need it, but it is a great idea to follow these rules to maintain it. At the bottom of the page, you can find links to the warranties offered by Shaw and Mohawk flooring.  Alternatively, you can trust First Class Green Cleaning to maintain your warranty with our safe and effective carpet cleaning method.

The First Class Method

The First Class Green carpet cleaning method utilizes hot soft water to remove harmful allergens and debris from your carpet. Our Green Seal certified preconditioning product will loosen heavily impacted soils, oils and grease from your major walkways. We follow this with a counter rotating brush machine to massage these soils free from the carpet. Once we start the extraction process, you can rest assured your carpets will look like new.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained through the IICRC and the ICRA. They are experienced in handling a wide variety of carpets, fibers and styles. You can rest assured we will use the safest and most effective methods to clean yours. You will notice a huge difference in the health of your family and the look of your home with a First Class Green carpet cleaning service.