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Dealing with Dust Around the House

Carpet, Dusting, First Class|

Introduction: What is Dust? Homeowners residing in The Valley know dust. In the desert, dust is constantly accumulating on all types of household surfaces, including furniture, carpets, windowsills, clothes, books, and even electronics. Dust can be made up of many different substances; some of which can be harmful to [...]

Why Are Rug Pads Important?

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Rugs add beauty, comfort and style to your home, but they also serve the benefit of noise cancellation. Muffling sounds, especially in multi-level homes or apartments, is one of the greatest advantages of adding rugs to your interior design. You naturally want to preserve your rug as long as [...]

Carpet Cleaning with Labradors

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Labradors are great family pets. Great temperaments make them great with kids and visitors alike. A happy go lucky attitude makes this breed extremely popular in Arizona homes. Something you may not have thought about is how this breed is particularly more damaging to your carpet and furniture than [...]

Rental Carpet Cleaning

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Rental carpet cleaning can be dreadful to those of us in the cleaning industry. You never know what you are going to get walking into a rental property. Often it is that uncertainty that is the worst while other times the carpet was terribly neglected. I do not mind cleaning [...]

Rug Pad

Persian Rug Pad, Rug Preserve|

The Value of a good Rug Pad Many homes in Arizona have loose lay area rugs covering their hard surface flooring. It just makes good sense. The rug will eat up some of the echo you can get with tile or stone and add some color to a wood floor. [...]

Moon Valley Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Moon Valley is known for its volcanic landscape and overall otherworldly appearance. In some areas it can appear to be as an alien land. Regardless of the appearance, it is still a desert. Deserts have dirt. Dirt makes for dirty carpet. Moon Valley Carpet Cleaning is done much the same way [...]

Mesa Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

First Class Green Cleaning starts the day from our facility centrally located at the I-17 and Dunlap every morning. Often, many of our new clients will ask us the question, "Do you travel to...?". Generally the answer is yes. Every now and then those dots are a city such as [...]

Scottsdale Carpet Shampoo

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Scottsdale Carpet Shampoo The statement, "Let's get the carpets shampooed!", has always bothered me. As a second generation floor care professional, I understand where this term comes from. Back when my father was cleaning carpets, a frequent method used was to shampoo the carpet. The term shampoo stuck, often the [...]

Woven Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Woven Carpet Cleaning Most carpets are the similar in production style. Chances are your carpet is made the same way as 90% of the installed carpet in Arizona has been made. But we are not here to talk about that kind of carpet. No, as the title says, we are [...]

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