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Carpet Cleaning with Labradors

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Labradors are great family pets. Great temperaments make them great with kids and visitors alike. A happy go lucky attitude makes this breed extremely popular in Arizona homes. Something you may not have thought about is how this breed is particularly more damaging to your carpet and furniture than [...]

Third Floor Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, High Rise Carpet Cleaning, Residential Cleaning|

Third Floor Carpet Cleaning We often get calls for cleaning residential homes located in tall buildings. How we manage to clean these depends on many variables. Above, you will see a picture from a recent third floor carpet cleaning our guys cleaned. That is what is known as a best [...]

Ahwatukee Travertine Cleaning

Natural Stone, Residential Cleaning|

Ahwatukee Travertine Cleaning Travertine is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for hard flooring in Arizona homes. This is in large part because of its vast color variation and shade differences. Designers can use it as a base to build around when choosing other floor coverings or furniture. [...]

Mesa Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Mesa Carpet Cleaning Traffic areas are in every home. The pathways we walk on a daily basis can take a beating. Whether it is an entry from the front door or the path in the bedroom leading into the bathroom. These traffic areas can be very problematic in most flooring [...]

Rust Stain Removal on Carpet

Carpet, Residential Cleaning, Stain Removal|

Rust Stain Removal on Carpet Whether you have solid metal furniture, upholstered furniture with metal legs, or little metal buttons on the bottom of wooden legs, you run the risk of these pesky little stains. Even if your carpet never gets wet, you can still be the victim of a [...]

Rug Washing Scottsdale

Area Rug Cleaning, Fringe Cleaning, Protection Application, Rug Washing|

Rug Washing Scottsdale Often our cleaning technicians are asked if they can clean a loose lay area rug in the home while we are there cleaning another product in the house. Often the answer is maybe. The reason for this is because we like to know that your rug can [...]

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