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Scottsdale Promenade Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning|

Scottsdale Promenade Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale Promenade can be a difficult thing. Like any shopping center, a ton of parking lot grease and oil makes its way into the carpet of the shops. Add on top of that all the soils each shop has inside it's own facilities [...]

Carpet Cleaning Stairs

Carpet, Carpet Cleaning, Furniture, Residential Cleaning|

Carpet Cleaning Stairs When comes to protecting wall and wood railing during carpet cleaning stairs cases, it can be hard unless you have the right tool for the job.  Here we are use what is called Huggie it wraps around the banister to help protect the wood and wall [...]

85032 Carpet Cleaning review North Phoenix

Carpet Cleaning, Hard Surface Cleaning, Maintenance|

85032 Carpet Cleaning review North Phoenix Angie's review from one of our clients  we did on 02/18/2016 Review Date: February 19, 2016 Member: Mr. Bradshaw Category: 85032 Carpet Cleaning Services Performed: Yes * More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed. Work Completed Date: February 17, 2016 [...]

Cleaning Old Scottsdale Carpet

Carpet, Maxim Protection, Residential Cleaning|

Cleaning Old Scottsdale Carpet Sometimes replacing your old, worn out carpet is not an option. As long you do not have any terrible traffic areas or unsightly stains we can help you with that. Cleaning old Scottsdale carpet is something we specialize in. Whether you are living in a rental [...]

Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Dry Carpet Cleaning, Maintenance|

Office Carpet Cleaning Carpets in a commercial setting can take a beating. They are designed to. From the type of fiber they are made from to the decidedly complex coloring they often have, they are made to hide the soil and abuse. The thing is, just because they can handle [...]

North Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Maxim Protection, Residential Cleaning|

North Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning Maintaining your carpet is very important when it comes to what kind of life expectancy you can plan for. We have spoken at length about the importance of things that you should be doing with the tools at your disposal. Today, we will look at the [...]

Oriental Rug Washing

Area Rug Cleaning, Damage, Dye Migration, Residential Cleaning, Rug Washing|

Oriental Rug Washing Today we will take a look at a handmade carpet our pick up and delivery crew brought in for an oriental rug washing service. The problem was not with the way the rug was originally constructed but something that was done after. Take a close look at [...]

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