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Merry Christmas From First Class Green Cleaning

Holiday Wishes|

Merry Christmas From First Class Green Cleaning We at First Class Green Cleaning just so happen to celebrate Christmas. If you have already celebrated the holidays, we hope yours were full of family, laughter, and joy. Today is Christmas Day, and because it is the holiday we all choose to [...]

Treating Carpet Stains

Carpet, Residential Cleaning, Stain Removal|

Treating Carpet Stains When you have carpet in your home, you learn the importance of treating carpet stains pretty quickly. What you may not know is that you need to be careful in what you use. Sure the bottles of random chemistry you can purchase at the grocery store can [...]

Scottsdale Carpet Shampoo

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Scottsdale Carpet Shampoo The statement, "Let's get the carpets shampooed!", has always bothered me. As a second generation floor care professional, I understand where this term comes from. Back when my father was cleaning carpets, a frequent method used was to shampoo the carpet. The term shampoo stuck, often the [...]

Woven Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Woven Carpet Cleaning Most carpets are the similar in production style. Chances are your carpet is made the same way as 90% of the installed carpet in Arizona has been made. But we are not here to talk about that kind of carpet. No, as the title says, we are [...]

Carpet Cleaning Vacuuming

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Carpet Cleaning Vacuuming If you have read a few of our posts, you know what we think about carpet cleaning vacuuming and just how important it is for the life of your carpet. To keep it simple, You should vacuum the traffic areas in your Arizona home at least twice [...]

Scottsdale Stain Removal

Carpet, Residential Cleaning, Stain Removal|

Scottsdale Stain Removal When you start cleaning carpet, you learn pretty early on that it is pretty important to know how to efficiently offer Scottsdale stain removal with your regular cleaning services. Being able to successfully perform a solid stain removal requires knowing what caused the stain, what effect it [...]

Furniture Cleaning Scottsdale

Furniture, Residential Cleaning|

Dining room chairs can sometimes be a real nightmare for a furniture cleaning Scottsdale service professional. One of the issues can be awkward shapes and angles to try and fully clean. Another is the fiber selected to be used is often not ideal at repelling stains from food stains and [...]

Protecting Your Carpet

Carpet, Maxim Protection, Residential Cleaning|

Most Arizonans have heard of carpet protector in one form or another. Teflon, Scotchgard, Stain Guard, or Stainmaster to name a few are prevalent in more than just the flooring industry. The ability to guard from stain without inhibiting the fabrics softness has led to extensive use in our clothing. [...]

Green Carpet Cleaners Phoenix

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Carpet is seen in  Arizona homes less and less now days. Some homes have gone the route of hard wood flooring, stone or tile throughout the majority. Others have gone to the polished concrete. Regardless of your flooring preference, one thing remains carpeted on a regular basis. Bedrooms are more [...]

Chair Cleaning Scottsdale

Furniture, Residential Cleaning|

You probably know that First Class Green Cleaning can clean the dirtiest carpets using safe and effective cleaning products. What you may not know about is the fact that we can take care of your tile, stone, area rug and furniture cleaning needs using products that are just as effective [...]

Green Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Allergies can be a real pain sometimes. Many have simple allergies to things such as dogs, cats or other animals, while many are more likely to have issues with pollen, grasses and weeds. The truly unfortunate suffer from allergies that react to many of the perfumes found in things we [...]

Green Carpet Cleaners Scottsdale

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Cleaning in any situation is often more difficult when you take all the harsh chemical away. This is what most have come to believe. The owners at First Class Green Cleaning saw this type of thinking as a challenge. They chose to figure out how to make Green Carpet Cleaners [...]

Oriental Rug Cleaning Phoenix

Area Rug Cleaning, Rug Washing|

The tremendous amount of dry soil such as dust, grit and hair can wreak havoc on your rugs. Waiting too long in between cleanings can make your oriental rug cleaning Phoenix a difficult proposition. Allowing this dry soil to become embedded into the fibers of the rug will lead to [...]

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

A quick scan through the phone book (how many of us use those anymore?) will run you through many companies that provide Carpet Cleaning Phoenix services. A few things you may find difficult to find is a company that provides high quality cleaning service with certified technicians who have years [...]

Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Many veterans of the cleaning industry believe that cleaning with green carpet cleaning Phoenix products cannot produce the results that their clients have come to expect. So, instead of keeping an open mind and trying different products and procedures as they come along, they keep a closed mind. Here are [...]

Scottsdale Wool Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

In the higher end custom homes of Scottsdale, wool carpet has been a very popular choice. With the many styles available in any range of color and texture, it is a favorite among local designers. Many folks fail to realize some of the inherent sensitivities of wool. Not being aware [...]

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