When you are dealing with a soft floor covering such as carpet, you should know that it has a limited life expectancy. You can take several steps to protect it, increasing the length of time you can use it. Or you can ignore certain maintenance habits and neglect your fabric flooring to significantly shorten its usability. As Scottsdale carpet cleaning experts, we see it all. One common way to significantly shorten you carpets life expectancy is to put a plush residential style carpet into a heavily used home office.

Lets take a look at some images from a Scottsdale home our crew recently cleaned for.  This client ran a busy office out of their house. When they moved out, they discovered what such an office will do to your carpeting. Our guys came in and did a fabulous job cleaning the rest of the carpets, but this one was just a little too far gone to be fully removed.

Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning – Before Cleaning

This should be a relatively familiar shape to most of us. The office mat is a fantastic little thing. You can drop it down on any flooring to give you a hard surface for those chairs to wheel right across. Nothing wrong with that. Not one negative thing about it from the user’s point of view. It’s a little different from a cleaners viewpoint.

To the Scottsdale carpet cleaning professional, these mats can be a catch twenty two. On one hand, without the pad, those wheels would cause horrific damage to the carpet backing and some serious wear patterns. On the other, these mats tend to suffocate the carpet causing mild to severe discoloration. Or, such as in this case, they do not fully protect the use area. This home office probably needed a larger mat, or slightly better placement of the one they had previously.

Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning Process

In a situation like this, our Scottsdale carpet cleaning technicians are trained to be completely honest about realistic expectations. To expect 100% removal of this damaged area would be unrealistic, and we make sure the client understands this before proceeding to attempt it. After that, our guys go to work. We use a citrus based, green carpet cleaning prespray to loosen the grease, oil and dirt from the carpet. We then agitate this in to produce the left image. A thorough hot, soft water rinse produces the right image.

While we were unable to produce ‘like new’ results, our client was satisfied because when we finished, you could not tell that an office had been run out of this room. The home will go for sale and only a slight blemish will be noticed, as opposed to the horrific shape you could see prior.