It’s hard to do sometimes. With pets, kids, husbands, sometimes keeping your carpet clean can be an impossible task. If you are one of the many who suffer from dirty carpets, or just want to know how to keep them cleaner longer in between cleanings, we will give you a few helpful tips.

Removing Arizona from the equation

Keeping the damaging desert dust and granules from your carpet fibers is vital in keeping your carpet clean. Little things that seem basic such as a regular vacuuming routine and air handler maintenance can make a world of difference. A dirty duct system and poorly maintained filters allow too much dirt into the air, which settles on the carpet. Change your filters every thirty days to eliminate this. Vacuum what does manage to get through off your carpet. Try to maintain a twice a week schedule for best results.

Removing fresh spills and spots

Treatment of spills and spots as they occur can lessen the chance that the color of stains your carpet. Treat new spills with a disposable towel and be sure to blot. Scrubbing only opens the fiber to possible damage and staining. Use of store bought spotters can be risky as some do more harm than good. Many over the counter spotters can damage the carpets color, or make the stain permanent by chemically burning the color into the carpet. Stick to a gentle spotter left by us after cleaning or a vinegar water mix when you are keeping your carpet clean and spot free.

Remove chemicals from your maintenance

Store bought chemicals can be harsh on your carpet, but professional grade chemistry can be worse. If your carpet cleaning firm uses cheap cleaning agents he may be dramatically shortening the useful life of your carpet. If you want your carpet to stay clean, healthy and free of harmful soaps and detergents, trust us, First Class Green Cleaning to the task of keeping your carpet clean.