The tremendous amount of dry soil such as dust, grit and hair can wreak havoc on your rugs. Waiting too long in between cleanings can make your oriental rug cleaning Phoenix a difficult proposition. Allowing this dry soil to become embedded into the fibers of the rug will lead to permanent slicing, cutting and tearing damage. If neglected for a bit longer, you will notice the greases and oils from the outside to begin discoloring the rug. Take the rug on the left for example. Neglected maintenance led to heavy soiling in the top corner of this Oriental Rug.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Phoenix – Pre-Clean Process

The cleaning process is heavily involved. We start by beating all of the Arizona dry soil out of the fibers with a special dusting process. You can read all about this interesting procedure here from a previous post. After the dusting is completed, we test the rug for dye security and proceed with a cleaning process. We have many types and style of cleaning procedures and each rug has different needs which will require different cleaning systems. This rug had a heavy amount of grease and oil that required treatment prior to the wash. We used a wool safe blend of detergents to release the grease and oil from the wool pile.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Phoenix – Finished Results

After the special solution has dwelled for an adequate time, it is time to wash the rug. We will treat the whole rug with a special cleaning blend of detergents and solutions designed to release normal soiling from wear and tear. After the washing has been completed, we will groom it, dry it and give it a final inspection before it goes back to our client. Here is what the final product after the wash. We have fully flushed all of the special degreasing agents as well as the general cleaning solutions from the rug. This leaves us with a soft, clean, beautiful rug that our client can happily use for another couple years before it is due for another cleaning.