Carpet is seen in  Arizona homes less and less now days. Some homes have gone the route of hard wood flooring, stone or tile throughout the majority. Others have gone to the polished concrete. Regardless of your flooring preference, one thing remains carpeted on a regular basis. Bedrooms are more than likely to have some form of soft good floor covering. If this is the case in your home, should you not be concerned about what kinds of chemicals are being used in the cleaning of the floor so near to where you lay down to sleep? Are you even aware of some of the solvents and chemicals involved in carpet cleaning? Maybe its time to consider finding a company with green carpet cleaners Phoenix to keep your carpets clean and safe for you and your loved ones.

So, the first question is usually, “What’s the difference between green carpet cleaners Phoenix and the rest?”. Does it mean you use low moisture, or dry cleaning, products? Does it mean that your cleaning products are safe to consume? Green cleaning obviously does not clean as effectively as the rest! Lets tackle these questions one at a time.

Q: Is a green carpet cleaning dry cleaning?

A: Not always, but it can be. We offer drier cleaning solutions for your needs. It should be noted that most mills that manufacture carpet prefer hot water extraction as that is the best way to restore the carpets ‘heat set’. This means the carpet will generally bounce back to its intended directions, appearing to ‘fluff up’ have a fuller overall look.

Q: Are green products safe for consumption?

A: These are cleaning solutions, and while you can consume them, we do not recommend you do so. The product we use most is a mix of salt, water and baking soda. If you have ever drank salt water, you know it can be a rough, albeit survivable experience.

Q: Green cleaning cannot work as effectively as the old stuff high in solvents!

A: As Green Carpet Cleaners Phoenix, we tend to disagree…