Scottsdale Carpet Shampoo

The statement, “Let’s get the carpets shampooed!”, has always bothered me. As a second generation floor care professional, I understand where this term comes from. Back when my father was cleaning carpets, a frequent method used was to shampoo the carpet. The term shampoo stuck, often the term is interchangeable, even though almost no one actually wants to have a true Scottsdale carpet shampoo performed. Your goal is to get clean carpets that stay clean, right? Then you want your carpet cleaned, not ‘shampooed’

Scottsdale Carpet Shampoo: What it is it?

The term shampoo, as it relates to carpet cleaning, goes all the way back to the ’50’s and ’60’s. Back then, the only way to clean carpet was through a shampoo using coconut oil based soaps. This soap was lathered into a bubbly lather with a rotary machine. The idea was that the dirt would be brought to the surface with the bubbles. This actually worked pretty well and was the preferred method of cleaning carpet right up until the ’70’s. This is when truck mounted carpet cleaning machines were being developed that could flush the residue from this soapy shampoo process.

Scottsdale Carpet Shampoo: Carpet that stays clean?

Scottsdale Carpet ShampooScottsdale Carpet ShampooYes, you want carpet that not only looks clean, but is truly rinsed free of all chemicals and residues. Carpet in this state will stay cleaner longer. Shampoo systems leave a ton of sticky, soapy residues that will quickly lead your carpet to look like the image on the left. You see, a shampoo system has the fundamental flaw of not being rinsed out. Even dry companies that claim to rinse out residue are doing so with so little water that the cleaning product is left in the carpet for the sake of achieving a rapid dry time (30 minutes to an hour). This dry time is fantastic, but if your carpet looks dirty again in a month, whats the point? Our hot water extraction method will leave your carpet truly clean and it will be dry in most cases in a few hours. More severe cases will take longer to dry, but it will always be truly clean carpet.

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