We at First Class Green Cleaning love a challenge. When this particular client called to schedule her cleaning, she told us she was not sure it was worth cleaning. She believed that the carpet could never clean up and that she should look into replacing. We convinced her to let us come out and take a look to see what our carpet cleaning Scottsdale service could do for her. We made the appointment and promptly sent a crew out to take care of her cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale – Before

This traffic area represents the path from the main part of the house into the Master Bedroom and the Master Bathroom. This was honestly the worst of it. Not all that bad when you consider some of the things we come across on a daily basis. But this is not a traffic area to be under estimated. As you can see it is a pretty deep drag pattern. This tends to happen as we age, we pick our feet up less and our traffic areas go from a single large line to two smaller drag lines. These lines can be tough to fully flush from the carpet, but we were up for the challenge.

Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale – After

This traffic pattern was not much of a challenge for our guys in the end. A little bit of our odorless, soap free, residue free green seal certified prespray, a light agitation with our counter rotating brush machine and a hot, soft water rinse was all it took. Now, not everyone in the valley will use the same cleaning method we do, but we are confident to say that once the carpet protector is applied, her carpet will be ready to take another year or so of abuse from her husband. Our client was excited to see the carpet clean so well and in her eyes, we saved her from needing to replace it.