Cleaning in any situation is often more difficult when you take all the harsh chemical away. This is what most have come to believe. The owners at First Class Green Cleaning saw this type of thinking as a challenge. They chose to figure out how to make Green Carpet Cleaners Scottsdale as cost effective as the ones that use harsh chemicals and solvents. It took some years of trial and error. The use of many different chemist’s solutions and product lines to discover which ones worked best. After some time, they found what they believed to be the safest yet most effective cleaning products for your home cleaning needs.

From Carpet cleaning to Furniture cleaning, Tile and Grout or Stone cleaning to Oriental rug washing, even custom rug manufacture, First Class has the green alternative for your home or office to help keep you healthy and safe day to day. Just look at what they have done at this cleaning job at the left, or check out some of our other posts to see some of their other jobs here.