Scottsdale Stain Removal

When you start cleaning carpet, you learn pretty early on that it is pretty important to know how to efficiently offer Scottsdale stain removal with your regular cleaning services. Being able to successfully perform a solid stain removal requires knowing what caused the stain, what effect it had on the carpet, as well as the age and wear of the carpet. Having a little bit of experience goes a long way also.

Scottsdale Stain Removal – Identify the Cause

Scottsdale Stain RemovalOne of the first questions you can expect to hear from us regarding any spot on your carpet is ‘what caused the spot?’ About 70% of the time, you will know and we can use the appropriate product to treat it. What about the other 30%? That’s where our years of experience comes into play. We use some of the senses to find out a lot. What the spot feels like, what it looks like or what it smells like can help us determine the origin of the spot. A stiff feeling brow discoloration with a sweet scent is often a heavily flavored coffee drink. A yellow spot that smells of urine is often urine. Its not a glorious part of the job, but without it many spots would not be removed.

Scottsdale Stain Removal – Treat the problem

Scottsdale Stain RemovalOnce the spot has been identified, we can effectively treat the cause of the problem. Many do not know but there is a chemical difference between regular coffee, decaf, with cream or sugar or black. How these effect the carpet differ significantly and so does our treatment process for each of these. You see, iced black regular coffee is probably the best case scenario for removal. This is because decaffeinated coffee has an added dye. Sugar acts as a catalyst in bonding color to the carpet. Cream adds a level of complexity to the discoloration. Heat can penetrate the carpets protective coating. As you may see,regardless of what caused the stain, we are trained and experienced in the finest details of Scottsdale stain removal.

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