In the higher end custom homes of Scottsdale, wool carpet has been a very popular choice. With the many styles available in any range of color and texture, it is a favorite among local designers. Many folks fail to realize some of the inherent sensitivities of wool. Not being aware of this can lead to problems in the cleaning and maintenance end of the product. Lets look at some specific concerns regarding Scottsdale wool carpet cleaning.

Scottsdale Wool Carpet Cleaning – Importance of Vacuuming

Like all Scottsdale carpet, it gets a lot of dry soil and dust that needs to be removed regularly. This soil will eventually cut and tear the carpet fibers if not dealt with. This cutting will cause the wool to appear gray and worn years before it should wear out. You can prevent this by simply vacuuming your traffic areas twice a week. If you feel motivated to do more, you will only help in removing the dirt, but twice a week is generally sufficient.

Scottsdale Wool Carpet Cleaning – Importance of Spot Removal

Treating spills as they occur is vital to the extended beauty of your wool carpet. Treating with a strong oxidizer or detergent can be a quick way to needing to find a way to hide a bleach spot. What many do not understand is that wool is very absorbent. This absorbency leads to chemical sensitivity. The fiber soaks the product in so quickly that you cannot safely remove it before it has damaged the wool. When treating spots on your wool, stick with white cotton clothes to absorb the spill first. Follow that with a gentle mix of vinegar and water. Anything further risks damaging the fabric.

Scottsdale Wool Carpet Cleaning – Importance of Regular Cleaning

A good maintenance program with regular vacuuming and proper spot and spill maintenance will help extend the life of your wool. Regular cleaning by a certified professional will help you get many years more. You see, the vacuum removes the dry soil and spot cleaning removes spills in small areas. The problem is over a year of use, your wool carpet gets full of wet, greasy soils that a vacuum cannot remove. A trained professional can help you safely and effectively remove the grunge from your carpet, leaving you with fresh and clean carpet for another year.