Woven Carpet Cleaning

Most carpets are the similar in production style. Chances are your carpet is made the same way as 90% of the installed carpet in Arizona has been made. But we are not here to talk about that kind of carpet. No, as the title says, we are here to talk about woven carpet and Woven Carpet Cleaning. More specifically, we will cover some concerns with this construction style in regards to cleaning and how we can help you get the most out of your woven carpet.

Woven Carpet Cleaning: Cleaning Concerns

Woven Carpet Cleaning“What’s the big deal with woven carpet?” Without going into an obscene amount of details, its all about how it is made. Generally speaking, you pay more for a good woven carpet because it is made of more materials. This can mean a longer life expectancy if maintained properly.

The problems come with these same added materials. Often, woven carpets are made of natural fibers like wool, which have a whole list of cleaning sensitivities. The other problem comes with how the fibers are held together. No glue is involved, instead, tightly bound fibers keep the face fibers tightly into the base of the product. This tight weaving can collect excess water in the cleaning, causing them to swell. This swelling causes the carpet to shrink on two parallel sides. This shrinking effect can cause permanent, irreparable harm to the piece.

Woven Carpet Cleaning: Safely Cleaning

Woven Carpet CleaningTo get the most out of the life of this style of carpet, you need to know how to maintain it. Vacuuming is always important, but frequent, professional cleanings become much more valuable with this carpet construction. You see, it is usually water sensitive. Being water sensitive, only so much cleaning solution can be used each time it is cleaned. If the soils load (how much dirt and grease is on the fabric) exceeds the amount of cleaning solution that can be used, we will not be able to add more until the piece has dried before trying again. If an uneducated or ignorant cleaner were to come across this, you might love the way the carpet looks when he leaves, but be very unhappy the next morning when you wake up to seeing the carpet 18 inches away from two walls.

Keeping this carpet from looking dirty is the key to making it last. Regardless of your carpet, this simple year will keep you from shopping for new carpet longer.

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