Phoenix Business Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpet clean in your home will usually rank high on the to do list. It should be no different in your place of work. Unfortunately, many business owners do not see it this way. Many believe they are better off replacing the carpet every few years as opposed to keeping up with a little maintenance. However, there are the folks who understand the importance of Phoenix Business Carpet Cleaning and maintenance. Today, we talk about one such client. One who values the importance of a healthy and clean work environment.

Phoenix Business Carpet Cleaning – Before

Phoenix Business Carpet CleaningNow, you may want to add a little judgement on this office based on a spot such as this. You may wonder what kind of care or caution they will take in dealing with your possesions or how well maintained anything you are to purchase from them has been. This is just one point some owners or managers fail to grasp when it comes to the appearance of clean and its importance from a sales stand point. Luckily, this owner has been a model client for us, one who understands the importance of not just the appearence of clean, but the importance of keeping the work environment truly clean.

Phoenix Business Carpet Cleaning – After

Phoenix Business Carpet CleaningThis client of our has employees, several actually. In this case, the employee spilled ‘a little bit’ of soda. Unfortunately, soda has a ton of sugar in it that attracts dirt and grease that comes constantly into the office setting. This business owner called specifically to have this troublesome spot taken care of, as well as a general cleaning on all the open areas to help freshen up the office. What is greatg is now his employee’s know just how important cleanliness is and that will be portrayed forward to his potential customers. And we got to play the part of the hero, a ‘win’ all around!




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