Carpet Dog Odor Treatment

They say that a dog is mans best friend. It can be a strong bond we share with our pets. Often, it is strong enough for us to over look some of the things our little puppy dogs can do to our carpet. Today, we look not at the oils and fur that they bring into the home environment. today, we look at the little yellow stains they can leave and how our carpet dog odor treatment service can help you stay in a healthy and clean environment.

Carpet Dog Odor Treatment – When you need it

Carpet Dog Odor TreatmentWhen considering having an odor treatment done to your carpet, you need to know it is all about one thing, volume.
How much urine is getting to the affected area?
Is your puppy a teacup that is only producing an ounce of urine at a time?
Is it a great dane producing upwards of a quart of fluid when it gets locked in?
Is your teacup picking a favorite spot that it is wetting regularly?

The reason you need to know about the volume of urine your carpet is getting is simple. Smaller amounts of urine will usually only affect the carpet, being dispersed into the backing only slightly. This should be removable with a good and thorough cleaning. Larger amounts will flow through the carpet backing and spread through the pad underneath. Even water proof pad will only spread the damage on the backing of the carpet for severe situations.

Carpet Dog Odor Treatment – How we Fix it

Carpet Dog Odor TreatmentCarpet Dog Odor TreatmentNow that you know whether or not you need a subsurface pet odor treatment, its time to take care of the issue. The most extreme cases will need replacement and special treatment to the subfloor prior to installation of new flooring. Most cases can be taken care of through a process known as subsurface cleaning. With this process our technicians will mix an enzyme based product with warm water into a five gallon bucket. Once this is complete, they poor the product onto the affected area, allowing it to dwell for up to thirty minutes. Once it has had appropriate dwell time, we will extract it with a special tool with maximum suction to pull the product out with all the urine salts and contaminants.

Carpet Dog Odor Treatment – Final Steps

Carpet Dog Odor TreatmentOnce the area has been thoroughly extracted, all that is left is to perform a basic cleaning. This will help remove any salts or contaminants that may have been left on the tips of the carpet. If you have had us for a carpet cleaning once before, you know that our basic cleaning is the same as our premium cleaning, you only get the best when you call First Class Green Cleaning. Our process is performed using a truck mounted unit with hot water extraction. We pretreat the carpet with products that are safe and effective so that you or your pets can rest assured that you are safe to roll around on your carpet when we are done. We rinse with hot soft water, then groom the carpet and speed dry using air movers.

As you can see from the photos, we can generally take care of your problems without needing to resort to replacing.

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