Carpet Cleaning Vacuuming

If you have read a few of our posts, you know what we think about carpet cleaning vacuuming and just how important it is for the life of your carpet. To keep it simple, You should vacuum the traffic areas in your Arizona home at least twice a week. Being a desert, we have a lot of dust and dirt that sneaks in and if you do not remove it, it can cause permanent damage to the fibers when you walk on it. The question now becomes how often should you be Vacuuming under Furniture? As always, you can trust us to have an answer so that your home can be as healthy and clean as possible.

Carpet Cleaning Vacuuming: Why Should I Worry About It?

Carpet Cleaning VacuumingCarpet Cleaning VacuumingYou may ask, “If the main concern is to reduce the cutting damage to carpet fiber from dust and debris, why do I need to worry about what is under my furniture?” While this is true, you should worry about more than just your carpet being damaged. What you breathe in your home should be a relatively high ranking concern. Piles of dust so thick that it resembles Flagstaff in January should concern you. If you have a vacuum that is designed to lay flat and reach under beads, you should be able to eliminate many of the allergy concerns involved with sleeping.

Carpet Cleaning Vacuuming: Hows often should I move my furniture?

Pieces such as sofas and dressers will benefit greatly from quarterly sessions of moving and vacuuming underneath. This should be enough to eliminate the dust problem we often see. Remember, no one wants to have so much dust under their furniture that it literally plumes as it is stepped on. The images above do not do much justice to the severity of dust that was truly under the furniture, check out the short video below to truly see how much dust managed to avoid our clients vacuum.

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