Wide carpet binding has been a popular choice for designer rugs for many years.  Having this product put on the already beautiful rug can help bring the overall look of a room together.  Wide binding can be made from a fabric that matches your furniture or drapes, leather, cork, or it can be a solid colored canvas material as shown below. It can be applied to show as little as one inch on the top of the carpet to as much as a foot. How much you choose to have show is completely up to you and the look you are trying to achieve.

How it all starts…

Often, the first step is to choose the carpet type and which fabric to use as a border. This can be done with a designer or you can do some research and do it yourself. When we come in to the picture is when you have the carpet chosen, size and shape decided and the type of fabric to wrap all picked out. From there, we take over. We can receive the carpet either at our facility or we can pick it up from the floor store where you purchased it. On the left, you see a roll of carpet waiting for us to turn it into a beautiful area rug.

What about the Border?

When you have decided what type of fabric to have on the border we have it shipped to us direct. Here you see a roll of canvas wide carpet binding as it is stored in our facility. The second step in the process is to decide how much fabric you want to have showing on the top of the rug. As we said earlier, you can have as little as one inch to as much as a foot of fabric showing on the face of the rug. Obviously you would want smaller rugs to have less showing, but larger rugs do not necessarily have to have more showing.

How do you put it on?

For more on that, keep an eye out for our next Wide Carpet Binding post in the next few days!