You probably know that First Class Green Cleaning can clean the dirtiest carpets using safe and effective cleaning products. What you may not know about is the fact that we can take care of your tile, stone, area rug and furniture cleaning needs using products that are just as effective and equally safe. Today, we take a peek at a chair cleaning Scottsdale job our technician handled recently.

Chair Cleaning Scottsdale – Before

This is the picture our technician snapped prior to cleaning the material. This particular chair has quite a bit going on that is age related. Its an older chair that has caught quite a bit of sunlight in its lifetime. While you may not notice, it is substantially faded and was once a much deeper shade of pink.

The clients primary concern was the oil spot on the top right and the wear on the arm covers. The oil spot is most likely from years of hands rubbing and grabbing at the corner as they passed by the chair. The arm covers simply did the job of taking abuse during the regular use.

This chair had never been cleaned. Being as old as it was this was cause for concern. Our technician was unsure how much of the oil would come out. He was also unsure how much was simply damaged fiber. Damaged fiber will reflect light improperly leaving a gray spot.

Chair Cleaning Scottsdale – After

The client opted to have us clean the chair. In the end, the results were worth the cleaning. She was happy with the amount of soil removed as well as the overall brightness restored to the piece. As you can see the arm covers look nearly new. The faint dark area where the oil was is slightly wear as well as wet moisture from the cleaning. The fabric will dry a shade lighter in an hour and the client was very pleased.