Dining room chairs can sometimes be a real nightmare for a furniture cleaning Scottsdale service professional. One of the issues can be awkward shapes and angles to try and fully clean. Another is the fiber selected to be used is often not ideal at repelling stains from food stains and oils. In fact, the most important part of cleaning a dining room chair goes back to the day it was upholstered and what type of fiber you have that will generally determine the cleanability of you chairs.

Furniture Cleaning Scottsdale – What does fiber type have to do with it

Fiber type is especially important to think about when choosing your dining room chairs, and the phrase, ‘you get what you pay for’, does not necessarily apply. While the cheapest fabrics will have some issues, the most expensive tend to have more. One common choice is called polypropylene and it is very durable against wear and tear. The issue is that it is a petroleum based product that absorbs grease and oil. Hot oils from foods such as marinara or broths from soups can leave permanent discoloration in the right circumstances.
On the pricier end, we have silk, which can take very little wear and tear or handle spills. But it sure looks great when its new!

Furniture Cleaning Scottsdale – what fabric should I choose?

When choosing the fabric that is right for you, you must first consider what your personal situation is. Questions you should ask include,
Do you have kids?
Do you have pets?
Will you use the piece or is it for show?
If you answer yes to the first two, you may want to go with a blend of nylon and polyester as it will handle the food spills as well as the natural oils in the animals very well. If you answered no to the first two and yes to the third, then a silk piece may be feasible as it will have unmatched beauty and luster to show off in a formal room.

In Arizona it is important to keep the dirt and dust and grit removed from the fabric regularly to keep it looking good for many years. If a piece sees little to no use, regular vacuuming will help it keep its natural luster. If a piece sees regular use, a cleaning every year or two may not be a bad idea to keep it looking like the day you bought it.