Carpets in a commercial setting can take a beating. They are designed to. From the type of fiber they are made from to the decidedly complex coloring they often have, they are made to hide the soil and abuse. The thing is, just because they can handle a beating does not mean that they should. Office carpet cleaning is important to maintain the health of the indoor environment and keep up a clean and inviting appearance. Today, lets take a moment to figure out how to keep your commercial carpets looking great for the long haul.

Office Carpet Cleaning – Dry Soil Control

Arizona is full of this stuff. Dust, dirt and other airborne debris can do some serious damage to any carpet, including the carpet in your business. In higher traffic settings, frequent vacuuming is highly recommended. Nightly is best and try not to just be a ‘litter getter’, be sure you are doing more than just picking up the loose paper clips and wrappers. Bonus points to the indoor air quality if you use a vacuum with HEPA filters attached to it.

Office Carpet Cleaning – Regular Cleanings

Regular cleanings refers to the treatment of spots as they occur as well as drier carpet cleaning solutions that keep traffic areas from becoming too unsightly. How frequently this needs to be done depends on how much traffic your office receives on a daily basis and how clean you want your office to look at all times. Some offices are fine with monthly visits from their cleaning professional to perform dry carpet cleaning services on the major traffic ways as well as minor spot treatment. Some offices could use weekly visits. If your goal is a pristine appearance, plan on seeing more of us, regardless of traffic volume.

Office Carpet Cleaning – Yearly Cleanings

Yearly cleanings are considerably wetter and require more down time. Usually performed the night prior to an off day or the first day of a few days off. While the carpet is usually fully dry well before that time, it is nice to give the entire environment to fully remove any humidity from the air before your clients begin to arrive. This type of cleaning is like hitting the reset button on all the maintenance you have performed throughout the year. Any residue from the dry cleanings as well as dug in oils and greases will be removed.