Spend enough time in this industry and you quickly learn that not all dogs pee outside. Some dogs just love how carpet feels so much that they choose to mark it as their own. Others are seemingly lazy and decide the puppy door is just too far. If you are in coyote country, doggy doors may not be available to you pooch. Either way, as a cleaner, identifying urine odor location is pretty high on the list of required skills. Today we will show you some images that show how we use a black light to locate and identify urine spotting.

Identifying Urine Odor – Follow your Nose

The easiest tool we have is the one your mama gave you, right on your face. Identifying urine odor is simple. Walk into a room a take a deep whiff. What is not common is being able to use that information from your nose to tell the source of the urine. Guys who have been doing it for a long time can generally tell the difference between dog, cat, and human urine with relative ease. Once you know where the general location of the urine is, now is the time to break out a tool to find the exact spot that needs treatment.

Identifying Urine Odor – Black Light

Here we have a few different images that show you how we can use the black light to find urine spots. As you can see, they show up like neon lights when the room is completely dark, but they are still quite visible when seen with some lighting.

Now that the spot is known, we can treat the odor causing area with the proper products. We use enzyme based cleaners that are poured on and left for a significant amount of time. In this time the product weakens the urine salts caught in the carpet and pad. Once it has had adequate dwell time, we extract it and clean like normal.