Some of you have experienced the horrors of a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Depending on the size and scope of the job, you probably had to shed quite a bit of money. One thing you would expect to not have to worry about with the money spent is cleaning up after the contractors. Unfortunately, after construction cleanup is something that happens often enough that I can write a little bit about it. Many contractors can do a fabulous job with the renovation, the problem is how they treat the areas not being replaced. In the case of this Scottsdale home bathroom remodel, our client already had a beautiful natural stone floor and only wanted the walls, sinks, and showers redone. The end result was breathtakingly spectacular. Unfortunately, the amount of drywall dust that caught into the porous floor was also breathtaking. Let’s take a peek some of the images below.

After Construction Cleanup – Before

In this image, you can see what our guys walked into. The small wet ring at the bottom middle of the circle is a touch of water our guys applied to see just how much soil was on the floor. When the test had been completed, it was obvious that there was quite a bit of white powder clinging to the no slip surface. This caused the floor to look matte and dull. It completely removed the contrasting colors that usually makes this stone look so awesome.

After Construction Cleanup – Pre-Treat

Now we have some progress! This image was taken after the pre-treat was applied and gently scrubbed into the stone. Can you see the little soap bubble in the center of the image? It is important to not that our cleaner is not soap based and does not ‘suds’ up when whipped. So why is there a foam on the floor in this picture? That is because our client was mopping the floor with a high residue soapy cleaner purchased from the grocery store. This soap stays on the floor for months collecting dirt from the air and your shoes. It’s probably half the reason the dry wall dust was so difficult to remove.

After Construction Cleanup – Rinsed

In this image we see what the floor looks like immediately after it has been rinsed clean. Our pre-treat is nice in that it removes the soap residue from previous cleaners as well as all the soil and grease from the floor. Better yet, it rinses completely free with nothing more than warm water. No rinsing chemicals or detergents needed. You may think the floor looks spotty, but this is simply the nature of this stone. It has different types of stone caught in a base type. All these stones absorb water at unique rates and look a different way as they are moist. Let’s see how they dried up.

After Construction Cleanup – Dried

Here we can see what the final result is. No more do we have a hazy white covering what is a marvelous stone flooring. We can see several shades of white and black that speckle the floor. Our client loved it and said she did not realize the floor was supposed to even look like that in the first place. In the end, we capped of what was a beautiful bathroom remodel.