Travertine is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for hard flooring in Arizona homes. This is in large part because of its vast color variation and shade differences. Designers can use it as a base to build around when choosing other floor coverings or furniture. Basically, it is flexible and easy to furnish around. All this is great, but keeping it clean can be a different monster altogether. Today, we will take a look at an Ahwatukee travertine cleaning our guys took care of recently.

Ahwatukee Travertine Cleaning

We do not have any before and after photos today. No, today, we have both in the same shot. Near the bottom of this image, you can see how dark and grimy the grout lines were before our cleaning. Near the top you can see how the whole stone looks so bright and vibrant.

“That is FILTHY! How did they live in this MESS! These people must be SLOBS!”…Right?

Well, no, not really. These folks are some of the most clean, nit picky people you will meet, and that is where the problems start. You see, the ‘problem’ is due to the frequent cleaning our client performs. Use of the wrong chemistry can make your cleaning routine become a spread the gunk routine. You see, the soaps and cleaners you can buy at the grocery store are just awful. They leave a ton of residue on the floor that just sticks to everything. When you use these cleaners regularly, as our client did, you end up with some kind of soil build up.

The good news is that when we come to clean, all we have to do is remove that sticky build up. Lucky for this floor, our green cleaning products will wash away all the residues from the previous chemicals AND remove all the soil caught up in that soapy mess. As you can see, this floor was well on its way to looking brand new again.