With the ever changing economy, home offices have become quite busy in many Phoenix homes. In some cases a slow down in work has forced a move into running a business from home. In others it is a new business starting to grow into that in between state of too busy for home, yet not busy enough to afford an office location. If this sounds like your home, let us help keep your carpet from needing replacement when the business move out.

Arcadia Carpet Cleaning – Vacuuming

Regular Vacuuming is always important in the health and performance of your carpet. In a home office situation, it is needed more frequently. Generally, vacuuming once or twice a week is enough for your home. In an office situation, you would be well served to vacuum the main walkways every night. This will keep as much dirt from damaging your carpet as possible.

Arcadia Carpet Cleaning – Shoes Inside

In Arizona, we have oily streets. This is because of a severe lack of rain in our desert climate. If you can keep the outside shoes from entering into your home, you can eliminate much of the grease that causes black traffic areas as seen in the image above. If you have employees and are unwilling to have them remove their shoes, plastic shoe covers can work wonders in saving your carpet.

Arcadia Carpet Cleaning – Chair Mats

Chair mats are essential in a home office. The rollers on the bottom of an office chairs will cause permanent damage to the backing of your carpet. You can use plastic ones if you like the convenience of how the chair rolls, but the bamboo ones are fantastic also. The bamboo mats roll up when not in use. This is great as they will not create a permanent clean spot on your carpet if you regularly pull them up.

Arcadia Carpet Cleaning – Professional Cleaning

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will be required a little more frequently in a home office. Avoiding this and allowing the carpet to wait until the rest of your house needs it will be a mistake. By the time your home needs cleaning, your home office might have suffered irreparable damage.