Arizona Sun Fade

Its this time of year when all Arizonans notice the same thing, the sun is hot, really hot. If you have not noticed this yet, you have either left the state, or not been out of your home in far too long. Either way, the bright ball of gas in the sky is hot and harmful. The rays can do more than give you a sunburn, it can do some serious damage to your homes furnishings. Arizona Sun fade is a real problem for any fabrics in the Valley of the Sun. Wall to wall carpet, area rugs, and furniture are just a few things that can be permanently damaged if the rays of the sun go unchecked. Lets look at one of the most common areas to be affected by sun fade and give you some tips at how to prevent it.

Arizona Sun Fade – Behind the Shutters

arizona sun fadeArizona sun fadeThese two images show just how much damage sun fade can cause when allowed to shine freely. These are two different examples of the same style of shutters common in Arizona homes. The windows have no screens and no u/v filter to protect the carpet. Many homeowners leave these out so that they can see what is on the other side of the glass. Others just do not think about the damage sun fade can cause.

Arizona Sun Fade – How to Prevent this damage

Screens and window treatments can effectively slow and even prevent the sun from fading the color out. In the cases of homeowners who enjoy natural light, the options are limited to windows that have u/v treatments. In some folks cases, this can dull the natural light, and they decide against it. In this case, we recommend you take some extra steps on the day your carpet is installed. Have the installer cut a strip of remnant carpet that fits in this area. You can leave it sitting loose on top of the installed carpet. This loose piece of carpet will take the brunt of the damage while the installed piece is only affected by the heat. The carpet in this area will still dry out faster than the rest, but the color will be unaffected.

Arizona Sun Fade – Wool Area Rug
Arizona Sun FadeArizona Sun FadeArizona Sun Fade