The housing located around the Bellair golf club offers small to medium housing for folks that want easy access to all the things available in this busy part of town. Often bellair carpet cleaning is made difficult do to the amount of carpet located in tight walkways. Compound this problem with the amount of retirement  residents and you have a carpet cleaners nightmare. We will take a look at a recent example that one of our guys came across and look at what makes these two things such a problem for bellair carpet cleaning.

Bellair Carpet Cleaning – Tight Walkways

The thought that tight walkways would make a difference should be pretty obvious. If you are give only one path to walk, and you walk there multiple times daily, it is expected to show some signs of wear and tear quickly. In the image to the right you can see one such traffic area. Taken from inside the master bedroom looking in towards the closet and bathroom, you can imagine just how often this three and a half foot wide walkway is traversed. The foot traffic will grind in the Arizona dirt and grease along with any oils or lotions our client may use in her nightly rituals.

Bellair Carpet Cleaning – Age

Our clients age plays a less obvious role in the level and type of soil we are expecting top see when cleaning. As we age, we tend to drag our feet a little more. This dragging will scuff and damage the carpet fibers much more quickly than when we fully lift our feet. In retirement age communities, it is understood that some dark walk areas are to be expected after fully being cleaned. This is because the carpet is scratched or has abrasion. This causes it to reflect the color back to your eyes improperly, showing a gray mess as the colors refract instead of reflect.

Bellair Carpet Cleaning – Closing

As you can see, we can do a lot to restore heavily used carpet. In this same image, you can also see the abrasion in the little hallway as it leads to the closet. This is known as a pivot point and we expect these to be take much more abrasion than the straight walkways tend to. We are pretty good and get results like this or better on a regular basis, but this also shows that there is a difference between dirty cart and scratched carpet.