Before and after pictures are what make these posts happen. While it is true that our guys see some jobs that provide some crazy impressive pictures, believe it or not, the majority of our clientele take fantastic care of their homes. For example, lets look at this Carefree carpet cleaning job we take care of every year. Jobs such as this present me with a problem when writing these posts, because dirty carpets get clicks and clean, well maintained carpets do not.

Carefree Carpet Cleaning – Spot the difference?

Our clients are generally really good about keeping things clean and tidy. Many have fantastic maintenance programs in place. Weekly to twice weekly vacuuming procedures. Spot cleaning spills and spots as they occur. Interval cleanings in high traffic areas. Yearly cleanings with the application of a teflon guard to reinforce the carpets built in protective qualities. Many have the luxury of maid services to provide said services, but many do it themselves. The important part is the regular cleaning schedule. Just because a carpet looks clean does not mean you can push off the regular cleaning procedure. When we clean ‘clean’ carpets, you can expect to get 10 to 20 years of useful life out of your carpet.
Lets take a look at these pictures. The before cleaning picture is to the left. The after cleaning image is to the right. Other than the movement of the sun, it may take more than a quick glance to notice much of a difference. Other than a little bit of brightness and faint spot here or there having been removed, it is nothing spectacular.
What is spectacular is the age of the carpet. This is white carpet in a home that has been undergoing construction for several years (DIY remodel) in the rural part of Carefree. This carpet is 15 years old. And when we are finished, it looks like the day it was installed.