Carpet cleaning under furniture

To move, or not to move, that is the question you should ask yourself before you go through all the trouble of getting your carpets cleaned in Arizona. How much do you need to move, how much will your professional carpet cleaner move for you, will he be able to safely place the pieces back after he is finished, is he capable of moving only light furniture, will he have an assistant to help him move larger pieces, will he offer to move any pieces at all? Sadly, in my industry, ‘light furniture’ is generally considered dining room style chairs and that is about it.

Being a native to this fine desert, I understand the importance of carpet cleaning under furniture, and not just the ‘light furniture’. Our beautiful outside often sneaks into your inside, and you are more than capable of getting rid of most of it through an effective maintenance program. Dusting shelves and cabinets? Easy-peasy. Sweeping the tile or stone? A breeze. Vacuuming the carpet? A cinch. But do you vacuum under the sectional? The bed? The dresser? How about the nightstand? More often than not, the answer is no.

Carpet Cleaning under Furniture

Sometimes the vacuum cleaner attachment just doesn’t get all the dirt

Carpet Cleaning under furniture

The difference after it is all cleaned can be surprising

The problem with this dust is not too tragic, and unless you suffer from allergies, you can hold off on having these areas cleaned professionally every few years (assuming you are maintaining yearly traffic area cleanings, this is part of a good maintenance program for your home). Maybe you are one of the few that moves your furniture quarterly and vacuums thoroughly underneath. In those cases, you may never have to have under your furniture professionally cleaned. There are, however, a few more reasons to clean under some of the taller pieces. Pets, pests and children.

We are all aware of how damaging to an indoor environment animals can be, but we can not simply live without them, so hair and dander is something we are willing to have in exchange. As with the dust, unless you are regularly cleaning under your furniture, you are most likely better off letting a professional clean it yearly for you. If you are unfortunate enough to have scorpion or other pest issues, it is nice to know that you do not have to worry about dead little bug bodies hiding under the living room recliner. If you have young children, you are bound to have all kinds of wonderful treasures under your sofa waiting to give you a pest problem.

Regardless of the reason, it is important to know your home, and to have a good idea of your homes needs. Maybe you do not need to have any carpet cleaning under furniture in your home. Maybe you do. If you are unsure, call First Class Green Cleaning, and we will happily come out to give an assessment on your homes unique needs. We always work in two man crews and are more than willing to take the headache out of calling a professional to come clean your home. Many clients ask what they need to move prior to our arrival, My favorite reply is, NOTHING! Sit back, sip a coffee, and watch us move most of your furniture and refresh and renew your home today.