In today’s post, we will look at a little bit from a carpet cleaning Peoria service our guys took care of. Peoria is an expanding city in the northwest valley. As it is currently expanding, that means one thing for homeowners living out there, construction soil. Building new homes and newly paved streets and parking lots can wreak havoc on your homes carpet or tile flooring. It was for this reason that this particular client called us out for the carpet cleaning Peoria service.

Carpet Cleaning Peoria – Arrival Image

In this image, you can see some light soiling in front of the couch and a potential spill spot to the bottom right corner. The soiling spot located right by the sofa is most likely caused by shoes soiled by the outdoor environment. Lets see how we managed to make it look in the next image.

Carpet Cleaning Peoria – Brush-Pro Image

Here you can see the spots look to be almost one hundred percent removed. All we have done is the first three steps of our cleaning process. First we vacuumed to remove the dry soil. We then treat the carpet with our soap free and residue free preconditioner. Finally we have agitated the product in with our Brush-Pro counter rotating brush machine. Many companies would call this good and be finished, we take it a step further with our hot water extraction.

Carpet Cleaning Peoria – After Cleaning

Here you can see the final result. All rinsed of any soil or stain. This carpet will be dry in a few hours and ready for use a bit sooner. Take a look at the video below to actually see the rinse process in action.


Do you live in a neighborhood currently under construction? Does it show on the flooring or furniture in your home or office? If so, and you want a safe, green cleaning experience with results like these, call and schedule today! 602-996-6993