Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

Today, we try something new. For the first time, we will take a look at the rinsing process used in a carpet cleaning Phoenix job our technician took care of. The difference now being that we will be introducing our YouTube channel. Before we show you the brief clip, allow us to give you a little on the history of this carpet, as well as some of the procedures done before the video.

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – History

This was a brand new client to us that lived in the North Phoenix area. It is quite common in Arizona to neglect your carpet, many folks think that it is alright to let the carpet go years between cleanings. This case was no different, as the carpet had been neglected its needed maintenance for a few years. As a matter of fact, the last time it was professionally cleaned was when our client moved in eight years ago. To make things worse, this family had two dogs and a cat. While we love our furry friends, they do add a certain amount of wear and tear to a carpet. The oils in their fur can quickly soil a carpet.

As the carpet was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning, we were called to do just that. We offer multiple pretreat products, and our client selected the orange based green cleaning product.The orange works effectively with the grease and oil that is tracked in from Arizona streets and the natural oils from the pets.

The entirety of the carpet is presprayed. This starts the cleaning process by liquefying the greases and oils. We follow up by loosening the bond the grease or oil has to the carpet with a counter rotating brush machine. This tool gently massages the carpet, lifting non soluble soil (dirt or hair) to the tops of the fiber.

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – Rinse

Now, in the video, you will see just how the rinsing process works. Our technician is thoroughly flushing the dirt, grease, and oil trapped in our preconditioner. The water used is hot softened water with no chemical needed to neutralize any chemistry. Our soap free products are residue free and rinse free with just the soft water produced by the water softener we carry on the van.


Does the carpet cleaning Phoenix service company you use need to use toxic chemicals to make your home look clean and beautiful? Do they believe as many do that  ‘green don’t clean’? Do you worry about the safety of your children or pets when your carpets are cleaned? If so, take the fear out of cleaning, call and schedule with us today! 602-996-6993


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