Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

Carpet as a majority floor covering choice may have lost some of its popularity in the Phoenix recently. While this is true, it is still a popular choice to see in many Valley bedrooms. Its soft and warm nature can add a certain comfort to a room unobtainable from a hard surface product. Unfortunately bedroom carpets can suffer from just as much dirt, grease, and oil as any other place in the home. Carpet cleaning Phoenix is an important part to keeping your home healthy and beautiful.

Today, we take a look at an example of such a situation. This home was going up for sale and the client was unaware just how soiled her sons bedroom had become until all the furniture had been removed. Luckily for her, she knew about us and our carpet cleaning phoenix service. Take a look at some of the pictures our technicians took from the cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – Before

Carpet Cleaning PhoenixCarpet Cleaning PhoenixCarpet Cleaning PhoenixHere we see (from left to right) a moderate to heavy soil load as we walk into the room, look to the left, then a path that leads into the attached bathroom area. The heavy black lines are common in situations where high oil body washes or foot lotions are used.

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – During

Carpet Cleaning PhoenixCarpet Cleaning PhoenixCarpet Cleaning PhoenixAgain, going from left to right, we are looking at the exact same areas. The difference now is that the carpet has been treated with our green carpet cleaning Phoenix product and agitated in with a Counter Rotating Brush Machine. It looks pretty good already!

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – After

Carpet Cleaning PhoenixCarpet Cleaning PhoenixCarpet Cleaning PhoenixFinally, the Realtor has something she can work with! Our process here was simple. We thoroughly flushed the carpet with hot soft water, dried it thoroughly and groomed it to help it dry soft and gorgeous. You can hardly tell that this room once belonged to a teenage boy!

Does your carpet look like this yet? Do you want it to? Maintenance is easier than a restorative process such as the one we showed today, call and schedule your maintenance cleaning today!


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