Labradors are great family pets. Great temperaments make them great with kids and visitors alike. A happy go lucky attitude makes this breed extremely popular in Arizona homes. Something you may not have thought about is how this breed is particularly more damaging to your carpet and furniture than most other breeds. Today, let’s talk about carpet cleaning with Labradors.


Carpet Cleaning with Labradors: Oil


Labradors can be devastating to the overall appearance of your home’s carpeting. What you may not know is that the fur of this wonderful animal is extremely oily. Have you ever noticed how when a lab is near a swimming pool it will often jump right in and go for a swim? This habit is ingrained from early breeding. These dogs were originally hunting dogs meant for wet environments. The oil on their fur helps keep the water from absorbing into the fur. This allows them to simply shake of the majority of the moisture quickly, keeping them warm and dry. This oil is what can make your carpet look shockingly awful in short time.


Carpet Cleaning with Labradors


Carpet Cleaning with Labradors: How it gets so bad


You see, this oil is a sticky substance that repels water. while it is actually helpful in fighting off water based stains, such as drink spills, it is an oil that quickly mixes with other oils. This is where the problems begin. Arizona black top is notoriously greasy. Our bare feet can be greasy. Arizona is horrifically dusty. All these things mix and cling onto wherever your Lab decides to rest. Be it carpet, tile, or furniture, it’s gonna get extremely soiled looking in short order.


Carpet Cleaning with Labradors: How we fix it


When we see a home with a few Labradors, our guys know what to do. Our green cleaning products are safe to be around, but they still have enough power to cut through all the oils from your puppy. We will start by pre-vacuuming the areas to be cleaned. This helps remove excess hair and other loose debris. Then we use our pre-conditioner which is then gently agitated into the carpet. This process helps soften the grease and oils and the agitation dislodges a lot more debris from the carpet. Then, we treat any rough (ruff?) areas again. Finally, we rinse it all out. If any areas remain a touch soiled looking, we can try one more time to see if any improvement occurs. Often, if the only issue is the dog oil, we are able to remove it the first time.


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