The holidays are coming up quickly and we need to protect your carpet.  The traffic in your home is about to triple with all the family events and holiday parties. Not to mention the season is changing from very hot to semi cool, thus causing the trees to drop their leaves and in some areas olives. Without clean floors and carpet protector applications, your carpet will be wide open to some serious damage.

Here are a few tips to help eliminate the dirt and leaves making their way into your home.

Remove Dust From Your Home

Vacuum – I know we have said this over and over, but regular vacuuming will save your carpet more than any of the tips below. Keep the desert dust off your carpet, vacuum twice a week!

Air Filters – Not only is a dirty air filter bad for your health, air conditioning system, or air quality, Its pretty rough on the carpet. Keep the air you breathe clean, keep the A/C running at maximum efficiency, and the dirt out of your carpet by changing filters monthly.

Treating Stains as They Occur

Spot Removal – It is important to react quickly to new spills and other accidental spots on your carpet. Remember to blot the spot first, scrubbing is often the worst thing to do. If the Red wine spills on your carpet, stay calm. Blot the wine up with an absorbent towel, something that you don’t care if it gets stained. Pour cold water around the stain and slowly move into the stain. This will help the stain to not spread. Begin blotting again. Keep doing this until nothing else comes up. If you caught it fast enough then water and blotting should be enough. If discovered later apply white wine or a protein stain remover to the spill.

Keeping Arizona Outside

Keep Shoes Off the Carpet – Sometimes it can seem a little uncomfortable to ask your guests to remove their shoes before coming into your home. If you can make it a permanent habit when you are not having the parties or guests, your carpet will stay cleaner longer. Try keeping your shoes by the door. Now you will always know where to find them and eliminate bringing in the Arizona grease and oil.

Use Entry Mats Wisely – You may not be willing to ask your guests to remove their shoes. If you place new mats outside the front door and a rug inside the entry you can prevent a lot of damage to your carpet. Studies show that it takes 11-15 steps to clean your shoes of outside debris. If you can force your guests to walk on clean disposable carpets or mats, you can keep Arizona outside without needing to remove their shoes.

Maxim Carpet Protector

To avoid new stains and help eliminate stains from becoming permanent, you can always have First Class Green Cleaning  protect your carpet with Maxim teflon advanced. The teflon will add some surface tension to the carpet allowing you some time to blot up the spots before the absorb into the fabric.

Now that your carpet is protected go plan those holiday parties!