Cleaning Old Scottsdale Carpet

Sometimes replacing your old, worn out carpet is not an option. As long you do not have any terrible traffic areas or unsightly stains we can help you with that. Cleaning old Scottsdale carpet is something we specialize in. Whether you are living in a rental home that refuses to replace the carpet or you simply do not have the finances set aside to afford the expense of a new floor, we can help keep your home clean and healthy.

Cleaning Old Scottsdale Carpet – Before

Cleaning Old Scottsdale CarpetThis home is a long term rental that has been fortunate enough to have the same tenant. Unfortunately, the owner has refused to replace this 20+ year old carpet for the loyal tenant. This tenant calls on our carpet cleaning services every year to keep the house looking nice.
In this image, you can see that we have already moved and cleaned underneath the furniture to the left. Generally we clean the open areas but once every 3 years we move the furniture to remove all the allergens.

Cleaning Old Scottsdale Carpet – After

Cleaning Old Scottsdale CarpetHere you can see what we were able to produce for final results. While we were not going to make this carpet look like new, we have employees younger than this carpet after all, it turned out looking fantastic. The main ripple in the middle of the room has relaxed down and the majority of spots and spills have vanished. The traffic area seems to have lightened significantly and the overall appearance has significantly improved. Our client still wants new carpet but she is more than satisfied with the results with our ability to clean up her old carpet.

If you have old carpet that you think cannot be cleaned, have our guys out for a free estimate to give you our opinion on your carpets cleanability.

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