Commercial Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

Carpets in highly trafficked commercial settings such as car dealerships, doctors offices or other corporate settings can take a beating. Without proper maintenance these will be in desperate need of restorative cleaning or worse, replacement. There is nothing worse than having to shut down operations for the headache of replacing carpet. Thankfully First Class Green Cleaning offers commercial carpet cleaning Phoenix that can help maintain a pristine look for the life of the carpet. If you happen to have let the carpet go too long between maintenance periods, we can also offer a deeper, restorative commercial carpet cleaning Phoenix service. In brief, we will talk about the differences.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – Restorative

Restorative cleaning is not the preferred way to get the most life out of your carpet. As a matter of fact, waiting for the carpet to look heavily soiled is a great way to significantly shorten the life of it. Our restorative cleaning process method can vary in levels. This is because mild soiling requires less work to remove than heavily impacted soiling does. In the worst scenarios, a commercial property could require two services to fully remove the soil load.commercial-carpet-cleaning-phoenixcommercial-carpet-cleaning-phoenix

In these scenario we first use a deep vacuum with pile lifters to remove the dry soil. After this we perform a full hot water extraction. Once the carpet is speed dried, some areas require further attention. This can mean either re-cleaning, or use of an encapsulation product. Once the carpet is dried, a walk through checks for quality control. If any area needs to be touched up, an encapsulation cleaning can be done.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – Maintenance

Maintenance cleaning is best described as cleaning carpet before it looks like it really needs it. A good maintenance program will keep the traffic areas from appearing to be noticeable. A good commercial carpet cleaning Phoenix program will extend the life of the carpet. This is because the soil is not allowed to be left in the carpet to damage the fiber. To accomplish this requires a case by case program as no business experiences the same amount of traffic.

….Commercial Carpet Cleaning Phoenix will be Continued….

Next time we will cover some of the many ways we can help you maintain your office or business through our commercial carpet cleaning Phoenix maintenance programs.