Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial tile cleaning can be a real hassle. Often you are forced to shut down your business for a few days just to have a company come in and perform the task. Why even bother? If the whole floor is black, who is going to know the difference anyway? Mopping it is enough, right? We at First Class Green Cleaning just happen to provide commercial tile cleaning. We also have some strong beliefs as to why you should do so more often. We also believe that we can keep the hassle to a minimum for you as well as your employees.

Why Clean?

Sure, maybe the average person cannot tell just how greasy your floor has become. Maybe even most of your employees don’t know. Maybe you are not worried about the kind of image you are portraying to your clientele either. If that is truly how you feel, then go ahead and slop another pine scented coat of cleaning residue on and call it a day.

However, if you do care about your image, or having a truly healthy work environment, then regular professional cleaning is important. What folks seem to fail to realize is just how much we expect of our employees on a regular basis. If you, the boss, are not willing to provide a work environment to be proud of, how can they be expected to perform at maximum output for you. Studies show that a clean work environment creates higher employee productivity.

Don’t Mop!

Now don’t draw crazy conclusions. Please mop. Mop often. Just do it right. Use neutral cleaners that are low or no residue. The problem is when your floor has been subject to a heavy amount of soil and grease, mopping will no longer improve the appearance. That’s when you need to call a professional to get the floor scrubbed and cleaned with high pressure to blast away the Arizona grease and grime.

No Hassle?

We offer flexible scheduling for your convenience. We clean many offices after hours or on the weekends when they are closed. Make no mistake, there is quite a bit of water involved with a decent amount of slip hazards, so we prefer your clients to be far away when we are there to clean. The nice thing is, with our process, your floor will be dry and ready for traffic as soon as we are finished. Sure, the grout channels will take a day to fully dry out, but your floor will be dry and slip free when we leave.