Commercial Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural Stone in a commercial can add an elegance to the atmosphere of your office or building. The only downside comes in the difficulties that come with the maintenance involved that other hard flooring products do not have. First Class Green Cleaning has specially trained technicians more than capable to help your floor maintain its beauty through our Commercial Natural Stone Cleaning Service.


Much like ceramic tile, the natural stone can be deceptively soiled. Much of the soil is simply hiding in the grout joints. As you can see in the image, the floor looks to be in good shape. In person, we know to investigate corners and edges, places where no one walks and the dingy mop water misses. It is in these places where you can discover the true color of the grout, giving you an estimated level of soil.

The grout, according to our tests, should be a much lighter shade of brown, not the near black as you see pictured. This particular floor was in a very high trafficked area where grease and oil is tracked in constantly from a parking lot. The maids mop simply spreads around the grease/oil/water solution that settles into the grout joints.

Cleaning Processcommercial_natural_stone_cleaning

In this image, the true monster has come out to play. Out pretreat solution is clear, odor free, and residue free. So all that gray color you see on the floor is dirt, grease, and oil that we have pulled free from the grout joints. We simply sprayed the commercial natural stone cleaning product onto the floor and worked it in with our counter rotating brush machine. For extra measure, a special grout brush that works aggressively into the grout channels, was used. This helped ensure that maximum soil was removed through the first cleaning.

Notice the white soap bubbles by Corey’s feet? Our product is soap free and causes no bubbles. What you see is from the soapy residue left behind from the mopping maintenance used by the maids. As we have said in another post before, using soapy products on any hard surface is a bad idea.

Final Outcomecommercial_natural_stone_cleaning

Here you are now seeing the final result. As I had said earlier, the grout joints are a lighter shade of brown, and the floor looks a little brighter. The actual face of the stone has much fewer dark spots and the little grooves and crevices have been flushed of the soil previously contained within. All things having been considered, this particular property does a have a decent maintenance program, they simply left out the regular professional cleaning for a few years too many. This is a mistake too many properties make, but we are always here to help out with any of your commercial natural stone cleaning needs.