Dispelling Myths about Green Cleaning

As a cleaning veteran with over ten years experience in this industry, I know what most of my colleagues think of the words ‘green cleaning products’. Generally it is not a good one. ‘Ineffective’, ‘worthless’ and ‘waste of money’ are some of the nicer things you can expect to hear (usually it will be said with some colorful flair to the language). We at First Class Green Cleaning have dedicated ourselves to achieving top quality cleaning results while using safe products.

Dispelling Myths about Green Cleaning – Carpet Cleaning

Dispelling Myths about Green Cleaning

This image shows our technician cleaning at a local restaurant. He is using a special tool that is designed to flush the maximum amount of grease and soil from the carpet. This tool also has a special design to increase the amount of water it pulls from the carpet. This will mean a rapid dry time, which will aid in the carpets final appearance.

Dispelling Myths about Green Cleaning – Furniture Cleaning

Dispelling Myths about Green CleaningHere you can see quite the difference. Can you guess which side has been cleaned and which side has not been cleaned? The cushion on the right looks almost like new. The cushion on the left looks to be a bit jealous. The good news is this client no longer thinks she will need to re-upholster her sofa. More images from this job will be up for you to see, so be on the look out for them.

Dispelling Myths about Green Cleaning – Natural Stone Cleaning

Dispelling Myths about Green CleaningThis is a travertine flooring that we cleaned last year just before the holidays. To be brief, the client was interested in getting a new floor, but she did not want the cost of replacing. We came in and delivered a new floor once we finished cleaning the years of soil away. After a good coating of sealer, her floor is ready for another few years of use. This image was the subject of a blog I wrote earlier this year, if you are interested in reading more, click >here<

Does the flooring or furniture in your home or business need to be cleaned? Do you want to worry if the cleaners you hire are using toxic thunder? If you want a safe, green cleaning experience with results like these, call and schedule today! 602-996-6993


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