Dry Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

In our last post, we covered several forms of dry carpet cleaning Phoenix businesses see regularly. Today, we conclude that with the two methods that we at First Class Green Cleaning prefer to use.


dry-carpet-cleaning-phoenixEncapsulation cleaning is a fantastic form of maintenance cleaning. The star in this process is the product sprayed onto the carpet. An encapsulating chemical is designed the be applied to lightly soiled carpet, agitated in, then left to dry. In the agitation process, the dirt is caused to separate its bond from the carpet and mix with the encapsulant. As the carpet dries, the liquid encapsulant traps the dirt away from the carpet fiber. Once the carpet is fully dried, a good vacuuming is preferred. All the dirt and oil will now be free from its grasp on the carpet and be easily lifted with the vacuum cleaner. As you can see by the image, an encapsulant can have pretty impressive results. Even more impressive in this dry carpet cleaning phoenix method is the fact that the carpet will be dry and ready for full use in no longer than an hour.


Dry Compound

For a more extreme situation, a dry compound made of corn husk or other absorbent material can be applied while the carpet is still wet. This compound is treated with a grease breaking product that can boost the effectiveness of the encapsulation. The only downside of this step is the difficulty in removing 100% of the compound from the carpet. Often, even after several vacuuming passes, much is left deep in the carpet. The Dry Carpet Cleaning Phoenix process includes a professional removal of this product. We use a counter rotating brush machine with specially designed catches to lift all of the powder from the carpet.

Next time you are in need of a dry carpet cleaning phoenix, keep First Class Green Cleaning in mind, we can help you with that!