Fringe Application

When looking at the actual value of a rug, fringe application is not going to help much. In some cases, it can actually hurt the rugs total value. For the purpose of this piece, we are looking at the aesthetics fringe application can add, regardless of value. Before we dive into that, lets cover a few times when adding fringe to a rug is not the best idea.

Fringe Application – When its a bad idea

As stated at the very beginning, if you are looking to add value to any existing piece, you are probably better off having the rug washed. Washing the rug will remove stains and general soiling, giving it a bright, shiny appearance. A brighter, cleaner, healthier looking rug will sell faster and for more money than a soiled, old, dirty looking rug.

Some clients choose to have existing fringe on a handmade rug cut off and replaced with this fringe application. This is a terrible idea that obliterates the value of the rug. This is because, in a handmade rug, fringe is literally the extension of the ‘skeleton’ of the rug. When you cut the fringe off, you are basically causing irreversible damage to the piece. It is possible to have the existing fringe safely hidden without causing any damage to the piece. If you want to remove the fringe because you do not like the look of it, this is a highly recommended option.

Fringe Application – How can it improve appearance
Fringe ApplicationFringe Application




This carpet piece came from the install of a theater room in north Scottsdale. From one of the leftover pieces, our client wanted a loose lay rug made to sit in front of the bar area. She chose to utilize our fringe application service to give the rug a finished look. As you can see below, the rug is given a different look than if we would have simply serged the ends just as we did on the sides. It is a matter of preference, some people may not like fringe, and think this looks awful. Others love the accent this can provide.

Fringe Application