Fringe Cleaning Scottsdale

Often times, oriental rugs are adorned with tassels or fringe. Keeping these strands of cotton clean can be an extremely difficult task. Whether from general traffic, dirty mop water ‘washing’ over it, or the pets laying on them, your area rugs fringe can take a real beating. Seeing as the most common color they come in is white, you know they will be the first part of your rug to make you notice it is time to think about a cleaning. It may be nice to know that with a full washing service we are always sure to carefully detail the fringe with a safe, gentle, bleach free product. This leaves your fringe bright, clean and beautiful.


fringe cleaning scottsdale

Fringe of this rug had been let go a little too long in between cleanings

 When a rug is brought in to the care of First Class Green Cleaning it goes through the most thorough cleaning process available in the valley. After the rug has been inspected, tested, dusted, and washed, the next step is to detail the fringe. During the inspection, the proper cleaning method is determined. This is important for the fringe, because some rugs have dyes added that rinse out if improperly treated. Sometimes the rug dye will migrate and bleed onto the fringe if over saturated. Most often, the fringe is undyed, white and the rug face dye is stable.


fringe cleaning scottsdale

The detergents have broke down the bond the soil has on the cotton

During the rug washing process, the fringe is treated according to the findings of the pre-inspection. Our safe and effective cleaning detergents gently lift the dirt, grease, and oil from the fringe. Our products are bleach free and leave the cotton healthy and strong. The product is flushed away with soft water, then speed dried to avoid ‘browning’ that can sometimes occur with cotton. A protective coating is then applied that changes neither the feel nor the color of the fringe.


fringe cleaning scottsdale

What a remarkable difference!

After the rug has dried, it is brought to our finishing area. The rug is vacuumed, checked for spots or concern areas found in the pre-inspection and re-groomed. The fringe is combed, and the rug is rolled and packaged for delivery.

We know how important clean, bright fringe can be to the overall appearance of an oriental rug. To keep the fringe looking great, feeling soft, and being healthy, let us take care of your rug for the many years of use it should give you. For any of your fringe cleaning Scottsdale needs, call today.first-icon-2custom_fbcustom_twtr