The tassels or fringe on an area rug can be a real hassle. They are often light or even white and show dirt and soiling relatively quickly. They can also be worn and damaged with similar ease. Did you Know we can help you with fringe removal? Before deciding to go through with fringe removal from an area rug, you should consider first the value of the rug and the potential damage you may do to the structure of the rug.

Fringe removal and the handmade rug

Most handmade area rugs have tassels or fringe on two sides. Usually this is going to be on the two shorter sides. In rare cases you can have this on all four sides. True fringe is an extension of the main ‘skeleton’ of the rug body. Strands of fiber (usually cotton) called ‘warps’ and ‘wefts’. The warps are extended beyond the face fibers, tied into knots to secure the face fibers (usually the colored fibers in the design). Fringe Removal on a handmade rug such as this is horrifically damaging to the value of the rug. You have to literally cut into the rug which causes drastic and permanent devaluation to the rug. Often you need to cut into the design of the rug to safely remove it without unraveling issues down the road. This should be done as a last case scenario and for aesthetic purposes only.

Fringe Removal and the machine made rug

In machine made rugs fringe or tassels are usually stitched on after the rug has been produced. This fringe comes in large rolls and is easily stitched onto a completed rug in a large variety of colors or styles. If you look at the images above, it is quite obvious to see the stitches that are used to attach the fringe to the rug. You can even see how the excess fringe is folded over and glued in the back corner. Machine made rugs do not start out with nearly the same amount of value as a handmade rugs. Removal of fringe can be costly as you will need to include the cost of serging the edge to give a complete look, but there is no concern in damaging value. The stitched on fringe is easily removed and most of the design is preserved when the serging is applied.

Fringe removal and is it right for you?

In the end, it is up to you. Regardless of the value of the carpet, if you have no tolerance for fringe, but are in love with design in the center of the rug, fringe removal may be the best choice for you. We may recommend selling the rug and buying a new one that does not have fringe, but it is your rug to do with as you please.